ISO Retention & Partner


 New York City Funding Group first second  third Position, ISO retention and commissions on  any deals you bring in and gets funded or  renewed.

 Same Day approvals!!
 Fast deposit in to merchant account with  daily/weekly/monthly ACH.

Why New York City Funding?

Dedicated team working fast paste to get the deal out to you ASAP, so you don’t lose the merchant interest or to another ISO.

How do you get paid?
1. Per deal
2. Monthly for all the deals
3. You don’t get paid since you went with another funder who now won’t fund/renew.

How to get in on the action?
We send you an agreement. You agree and send it back.
Send us the merchants 

application and last 3 month bank statements.
Get an offer and send it to the merchant for signing.


What to get more deals? Are you a merchant cash advance ?

Become a partner with New York City Funding Group. Simply send us your ISO agreement and what deals you like to fund. We take the grunt work out of sifting through the applications and statements and send you deals based on your prefaces.